QR-Dominica – explore people, places, and stories with multi-

The QR-Dominica is a new virtual attraction – for the city/village/trail guide, combined with an innovative multi-media experience. Treasure hunt your way around the map, discover the QR points and unlock the information on your tablet or smartphone.

The towns, villages, trails and sites in Dominica are full of stories.  They have a history of incredible events, are rich in moving moments, and with surprises at every corner. Whether you live here or are just visiting – you will discover local legends, botanical rarities and cultural highlights, all at your fingertips. You can go at your own pace while enjoying the city’s wonderful natural setting.

You will find signs with these codes. Simply scan the codes with the tablet – or smartphone of the latest generation – and history comes alive. Experience regional resources that would otherwise lie dormant in secret.

The QR-Dominica has also collected private stories, and so found true testimonies of the city’s history and its people in basements and attics. And makes it accessible to visitors.

The QR-Dominica offers visitors a full day’s entertainment – for free. Its also offers locals the same but with a focus on understanding our rich history. Explore in English.

Go on, take your device for a walk and discover all 44 [and counting] QR-points in the city of Roseau, Dominica and soon all over the island of Dominica.

This pilot project was produced by Tonge Commerce.