The New Market

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As much a place for locals to gather and chat with friends as a source of fresh produce, this bustling riverfront farmers market is busiest on Friday evenings and on Saturday mornings. It’s a great spot to pick up the local vibe, try a bowl of goat water (stew) or put together a picnic.

The market spills over onto Dame Eugenia Charles Blvd (Bayfront) where the focus is on freshly caught fish and seafood.

Located along the waterfront, times 2, where the Roseau River meets the Caribbean Sea, the market in Roseau is as lively and colourful. Officially, it’s known as The New Market to differentiate it from The Old Market at the southern end of the waterfront where slaves were bought and sold.

Unlike a few other local markets I’ve visited recently, The New Market is a real throwback in that you won’t find any handicrafts, t-shirts or other souvenirs here. This is a farmer’s market in every sense, filled entirely with stalls upon stalls of large, fresh and vibrant fruits and veggies… and very little else.

The vendors manning the stalls were very friendly and personable folks. It is easy to strike up conversations with just a smile and the slightest interest in what people were selling, where they grew it and what it was good for. Some have pamphlets listing its antibacterial and curative properties. Effective against stomach, breast, skin and colon cancers.

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