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Bell’s Jetty has a long history and has been an important landmark in Roseau for many years. The jetty is named after the Bell family who were prominent merchants in Roseau during the 19th century.

During the colonial era, Roseau was an important trading port for the British, and Bell’s Jetty played a key role in facilitating trade and commerce in the town. The jetty was used to load and unload goods from ships and was also a popular spot for fishing boats to dock.

Over the years, Bell’s Jetty has undergone several renovations and upgrades to keep up with the changing needs of the town.

At the time an open plaza ran down to the sea with a small hut for trade in fish and meat. Today a coun shell is still used by fishermen to announce a fresh catch.

Take a stroll across the site of the former slave market at the centre of the plaza you will notice a rot iron Victorian-style memorial which marks the old block with slave auctions occurred you will also tread on the cobbled area that supported stocks and gallows with slaves and runaways were displayed punished and/or executed the iron fountain.

Slaves would have landed at this very spot, then taken to the Barracoon building in chains and shackles, where they would be stored like cattle.

On auction day they would be taken along the road to the open old market where they would be sold.


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