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The Barracoon building was constructed in the 1760s. It is one of three surviving barracoon buildings used during the slave trade that still exist in the world. Those Africans that survived the ordeal of the capture; the time spent in dungeons of slave forts scattered throughout the West African coast, and then the ignominious, Atlantic voyage. Those that survived were housed at the Barracoon, before being led in chains to the auction slab on the nearby cobblestones of the Market Square/Old Market. Today it houses the Roseau City Council.

Many of the buildings on Dominica feature stone masonry bases excellent for protecting the building in the event of a hurricane. Many historical buildings also feature sturdy timber boarding. One of the most distinctive and beautiful components of most Dominica buildings are the hurricane and jalousie shutters. Many of the most memorable buildings also favor steeply pitched roofs with gables that resist the wind. The really eye-catching feature of most buildings that visitors love are the long, sleek verandas. Not only are these architectural features beautiful, but they are also the perfect place to sit and catch the scented evening breeze.

The elaborate tripartite balcony was destroyed when the building was ravaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

From here walk to Long Lane, due South until you get to the Old Market, the fateful path taken by slaves, heading to the auction block.

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